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The Podcast Membership is FOR YOU if:

You been thinking about a podcast but only want a SUCCESSFUL show

You are an entrepreneur, business owner, creative or expert

You want to position yourself powerfully in your industry

You want to reach a wider audience with your message

You want to profit by being a podcast guest

You've been thinking about starting a podcast

You want help with the tech side of podcasting

You want to make sure you launch with IMPACT

You have a podcast already and now want to grow and profit

Here’s what we’ll cover in The Podcast Membership:


Learn what it takes to create a chart-topping podcast!

Choosing the name and style of your show

What equipment you'll need to create great audio

The essential research you need to attract the right audience

How to find great guests to position you and your show

How to record & edit your podcast (as easily as possible)

How to get your podcast onto Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Stitcher

Discover what it takes to create a podcast that fuels your profits

How to launch with IMPACT


How to track your podcast stats

How to use social media to boost your audience

How to re-purpose your content

How to create Audiograms for your show

How to build your community of loyal fans

...and many more trainings to be added soon!


How to earn from affiliate relationships

How to find sponsors

How to calculate appropriate sponsorship packages

How to promote your own products and services effectively

How to use your podcast to build your funnel

How to make your podcast a money-making machine

How to be a great guest

How to pitch yourself to influential podcasts

How to conduct yourself in interviews

What to prepare to make the most of the opportunity

How to best promote your guest appearance

Essential equipment for guest interviews

How to generate income from every interview





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I'm Anna Parker-Naples and I help entrepreneurs and creatives to GET VISIBLE as an authority in their field.

Podcasting is a powerful way to get in front of the right audience, and the industry is set to DOUBLE in the next 18 months.

NOW is the time to start.

Learn how to profit from being a podcast guest.

Or launch, grow and monetise your own podcast.

I'm not just any old podcaster.

I'm a multi-award winning audio producer, with 15 years experience, recognised in Hollywood for my talents.

I'm global bestselling author of 'Podcast with Impact: How to Start & Launch Your Podcast Properly'.

I host Entrepreneurs Get Visible, iTunes Top 1% Global top-ranking show.

My podcast tops the charts alongside Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuck and Amy Porterfield...

...and I know what it takes to run a podcast that packs a punch.

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Anna Parker-Naples

UK's leading Podcast Launch Expert, global no.1 bestselling author of 'Podcast with Impact', multi award winning Hollywood audio producer, Podcast Host of iTunes no. 1 ranking show Entrepreneurs Get Visible & #1 Best Selling Author of GET VISIBLE - How to have more Impact, Influence & Income. Multi-award winning entrepreneur & Business Coach. Founder of The Podcast Membership & The Podcast Agency.


Naomie Ella

Naomie Ella

Maternal Wellness Expert

“This has got to be one of the most gorgeous memberships I've seen. Anna has made this process such an enjoyable experience for me, so easy to follow and loads of actionable steps along the way. Its taken my podcast process from overwhelm crazy to, 'Yes I can do this!' Thank you for all this incredible work Anna!

Lilli Badcock

Lilli Badcock

Confidence Coach

I was instantly blown away by the amount of value in the membership. The trainings are very easy to navigate and inspiring on multiple levels. You really get a sense of Anna’s passion and commitment and you feel instantly supported and safe within the community.

The other members are also an enormous source of support and inspiration and everyone is genuinely rooting for each other.
If you have been wanting to start your podcast, or if you have a show already and you’re ready to have it make a real impact, then you need Anna and her Podcast Membership in your corner!

Anna Fairs

Anna Fairs

Brand Strategist

“Anna and I had a chat earlier today as I'm launching a podcast (after having it on my vision board for way too long). After following her success I knew she was the lady I wanted in my corner. And I wasn't wrong. Boy, does she know her stuff. She's straight talking, focused and provided so much wisdom and insight. Value bombs dropping all over the place. And such a lovely lady to boot.
If you've got a podcast on your 'to do' list I highly recommend reaching out to Anna. She's ACE!!!

Samantha Boffin

Samantha Boffin

British Voice Artist

“Launching a podcast felt like a daunting task.  I knew about certain aspects but I didn’t really know where to begin - and I wanted to get it right. Anna Parker-Naples’ Podcasting course had everything I was looking for. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Anna has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. I’m still finessing and I haven’t quite launched but this is a good thing. When I do (and I have a date) – I’ll be fully prepped. I didn’t just learn how to create a podcast – my “what” and “why” are now also much clearer. Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Anna’s expertise and coaching style was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.”


Bron Webster

Multiple Success Coach

“Podcasting training - I worked with Anna and now know everything I need to do to bring my podcast to live status. The content was astounding and so in-depth.

As a complete podcasting beginner, I have successfully started to record and edit. The next step is to find a diary space to build the launch.

Highly recommended.” 


Caroline Strawson

Multi Award Winning Rapid Transformational Therapist & EMDR Practitioner

‘I knew I wanted to create a podcast to repurpose the content I'd created for my Youtube channel but didn't know where to start. Anna's podcast training has shown me how important it is to get the launch right, so I'm doing all the work behind the scenes to ensure I launch with impact very soon. Clear, insightful training, highly recommended.


JoJo Graham

Business Coach and Mentor

I’ve been meaning to launch a podcast for so long but what was stopped me was knowing HOW to do it!! Having Anna’s guidance has been invaluable and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made the progress I have made to get my voice heard on a larger scale! Thanks to Anna I have an international no. 1 podcast and I recommend anyone looking to launch a podcast this year jump on her membership ASAP!!!’



Sotonye Deru

Author, Speaker, Coach.
This course was so detailed! I can’t even start to explain the intricate details of each module. The content was rich and complete, the teaching was simple and easy to follow. Anna made sure she broke down the complexities of starting a podcast into easy steps for us to follow so that we wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Each module followed on from the previous, and when I came to build my podcast, I literally sat through all the videos and followed her teachings step by step. Not only was the course amazing. Honestly one of the best courses I have ever completed. Thank you, Anna, for delivering a First Class Course. I came to the course knowing absolutely nothing about podcasting. I completed the course, with so much confidence, knowledge and a launched a podcast. The course does what it says it will do and more. Exceeded my expectations by 100%.


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