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Why You Should Start a Podcast


Podcasts are a powerful way to connect with potential customers. They are a brilliant way to position yourself as a key person of influence, and they help you create engaging content for raving, loyal fans.

What’s not to love about hosting a podcast?

Right now, the podcast industry is set to explode. It is estimated that the worldwide listenership will DOUBLE in size in the next 2 years. So if you’re wondering if your ideal client is a podcast listener, the answer is yes, or they soon will be.

There’s no more intimate way to connect with the masses. Podcast hosts can quickly build rapport, authority and credibility. They can induce trust and loyalty from their listeners, which is fundamental to driving sales and bookings.

What’s more is that in a recent study of podcast listeners and their behaviour, it was found that 76% had taken action with the intent to purchase after a recommendation within a podcast. Now that’s impressive.

Starting a podcast isn’t hard, but it does take careful planning to ensure you reach the right ears from the very beginning of launching a podcast.

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