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Microphone Test: Sontronics Podcast Pro

By Anna Parker-Naples | 11/03/2020

I was sent one of the first releases of the new Sontronics Podcast Pro microphones as I’m a huge fan of their microphones and sleek British design. You can find out more about the UK based company here. Ofcourse, they sent me one in my favourite red, although it comes in black too. What I…

Book Review: Podcast Marketing Strategy by Daniel Rowles & Ciaran Rogers

By Anna Parker-Naples | 04/02/2020

I’m a sucker for a podcasting book. Once I’ve found my passion I like to consume as much content as possible. Often what I’ve found in the podcast book space is poorly written, badly edited and lacking in depth. Which is why Podcast Marketing Strategy by Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers was like a breath…

How to get your podcast published on iTunes

By Anna Parker-Naples | 04/02/2020

If you’re starting out in podcasting, you may be wondering how to get your show into iTunes, and all the other directories for that matter, such as Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play. Firstly you have to create an account with a podcast hosting platform such as Anchor, Libsyn or Omnystudio. My personal preference is Libsyn…

Why You Should Start a Podcast

By Anna Parker-Naples | 22/01/2020

Podcasts are a powerful way to connect with potential customers. They are a brilliant way to position yourself as a key person of influence, and they help you create engaging content for raving, loyal fans. What’s not to love about hosting a podcast? Right now, the podcast industry is set to explode. It is estimated…

How to start a podcast

By Anna Parker-Naples | 22/01/2020

The basics of setting up a podcast aren’t difficult: you record an episode, you upload it to a hosting platform such as Libsyn, and you connect it to a podcast directory such as Apple Podcasts. But how can you ensure that you are creating a podcast that works well for your business or your community?…

My podcasting journey

By Anna Parker-Naples | 22/01/2020

I started my first podcast 2 years ago this week. I had epic amounts of audio experience (I’m a multi award winning audio producer, with 15 years experience as a voiceover) so I assumed it would be a doddle. Record and edit some audio, and whack up my podcast onto iTunes. And in theory, yes,…